Academic advising at Kent State University supports the teaching and learning mission of the university by helping students understand the value of achieving their educational goals.  Advising is an on-going partnership among students, advisors, and the university community. 


The academic advising program at Kent State University aspires to be a nationally recognized model for academic advising excellence by focusing on:

  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Student access to deliberative/meaningful/purposeful academic advising 
  • Degree completion 
  • Continuous assessment
  • Effective communication

The Student and Advisor Relationship

Over the course of a student's college career, the relationship with their advisor is expected to grow from one of mentorship to one of professional connectivity and mutual respect. 

Learn more about what to expect in a student and advisor relationship.

Academic advising plays an essential role in helping students formulate sound educational and career plans based on their interests, abilities, and academic classification. Meeting with an advisor can help students: 

•    transition to college life
•    choose a major or minor program of study
•    provide academic support referrals
•    assist with career exploration, and much more.