What To Do If You Are Dismissed From the University

I've been dismissed from the University, what do I need to do?

Dismissal Checklist

We understand this is a difficult time and there are many details that must be considered if you have been dismissed. Please see the checklist below to help you promptly take care of these items.

Student Dismissal Checklist.pdf

Can I appeal the dismissal?

Appealing the Dismissal

If you have been dismissed, you have the right to appeal the decision.  Below are items for consideration when you are trying to determine if you should appeal.

  • Were there recent circumstances beyond your control?  Things such as personal illness/injury, critical family illness, or something else that was severe enough to affect your grades.
  • Were you doing well in your classes prior to these circumstances?
  • Why weren’t you able to withdraw from classes or work with your instructors?
How do I appeal?

I want to submit an appeal- how do I do it?

If you would like to appeal the dismissal, below are the steps and deadlines you need to meet:

  • Visit the DISMISSAL website for detailed information on what must be included in your appeal.  Please make sure to read and address all five items required.
  1. An explanation of the extenuating circumstances, such as personal illness/injury, critical family illness or other situations of sufficient severity that they may have adversely affected academic performance. These circumstances must be documented by providing physician statements or other appropriate official documents. 
  2. Proof of consistent satisfactory academic performance prior to the occurrence of the circumstances believed to be the cause of the dismissal. These efforts must be documented by course instructors, and their statements must be submitted on university letterhead or sent from each instructor’s Kent State e-mail address. If errors have occurred for one or more reported grades, the course instructor must verify that a grade change has been submitted. 
  3. An explanation of why actions such as course withdrawal, complete term withdrawal, request for an incomplete grade, etc., was not taken before the end of the semester. 
  4. A detailed plan of action for achieving academic success for any future enrollment at Kent State University. 
  5. Your full name, Kent State ID number, current and permanent mailing addresses, current and permanent telephone numbers and Kent State e-mail address. 


  • Submit by the deadline listed in your dismissal email.  This is 10 calendar days AFTER final grades have posted on your transcript.
TermGrades PostedYour Deadline to Appeal
Fall 2023December 21, 2023

Friday, January 5, 2024 at 5:00pm

(you have 14 days to appeal because the deadline falls during the university’s holiday break, Dec. 23 – Jan. 2) 

Spring 2024May 16, 2024Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 5:00pm


  • Submit your appeal via email (from your kent.edu email only), or in writing, to the College/Campus you were dismissed from.  How do you know who that is?
    • It is the college/campus listed in your dismissal email.
    • Check in FlashLine under your student information. (Student/Profile/Show Detail) 
Who do I contact for the appeal or if I have questions?

Who do I contact for the appeal or if I have questions?

If you have questions, need assistance evaluating your options, or wish to submit an appeal, contact your college/campus advising office. 

How do I know who that is? 

  • It is the college/campus listed in your dismissal email.
  • Check FlashLine under your student information. (Student/Profile/Show Detail)

Click below for their information.

Dismissal Contacts - Kent Campus

Dismissal Contacts - Regional Campus

When I am able to return, what are some resources to help me be successful?

Kent has many resources to help you be successful.  Below are just a few of the policies and programs that may help you when you return to classes to help rebuild your GPA. Talk to your advisor to find out more information and see which ones might work best for you.

  • GPA Adjustment Policy - which allows you to remove a limited number of grades that you may not need for your major.
  • Course Repeat Policy - you can retake any undergraduate course and the highest grade will be counted and the lower ones removed.
  • Academic Success Center –  The ASC has both (free!) tutoring and (free!) academic coaching.
If I don’t appeal, can I come back to the University? When? (reinstatement)

If I don’t appeal, can I come back to the University?  When? (reinstatement)

Yes!  All students can apply to return to the university, referred to as reinstatement, after being away for a full 12 months. 

We encourage you to work with your academic advisor to discuss how best to use this year off. This may include attending classes at a community college or other higher education institution or simply taking time to refocus. You were admitted to the university because we believe you could be successful. We think with some time to regroup you still can be.

For more detailed information, please visit the REINSTATEMENT page in the catalog.

Dismissal Contacts

Dismissal Contacts - Kent Campus

Dismissal Contacts for Kent campus

College Advising Offices - Kent Campus




College of Architecture & Environmental Design

Corey Piazza



College of Aeronautics and Engineering

Lawrence Epps



College of the Arts

Benjamin Stenson

Director of Academic Advising


College of Arts and Sciences

Matt Minichillo
Assistant Dean



Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Alex Moore
Director of Academic Advising



College of Communication and Information

Matt Rollyson
Assistant Dean



College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Kathy Zarges
Assistant Dean



Exploratory Advising Center- University College

Jordan Edelman 330-672- 3676


College of Nursing

Curtis Good
Assistant Dean



College of Public Health

Jennifer Miller
Assistant Dean



Dismissal Contacts - Regional Campus

Dismissal Contacts for Regional Campuses

Regional Campus Advising Offices




Ashtabula CampusKevin Deemer
Assistant Dean
East Liverpool CampusShelly Weekley
Director, Enrollment Management and Student Services
Geauga/Twinsburg CampusesNicolette Fenlock
Director, Enrollment Management and Student Support Services
Salem Campus Shelly Weekley
Director, Enrollment Management and Student Services
Stark Campus Kathy Spicer
Director, Regional Campus Operations
Trumbull CampusAlison Hoskinson, Director 1, Enrollment Management and Student Services330-675- 8966afrost@kent.edu
Tuscarawas CampusLaurie Donley
Director, Enrollment Management and Student Services