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Got 15? - Formula to Finish encourages students to complete their degree on time. The benefits of successfully completing at least 15 hours per semester saves time, money, and increases post graduation options (graduate school & earning potential).

Got 15?

Graduate in 4 Years

"Want to graduate in 4 years? Pass 15 credit hours a semester."

— Luis Peña Ochoa, Provost Leadership Academy mentor, Psychology major

Luis Peña Ochoa


Students who take at least 15 credits each semester:

Are more likely to complete college on time and earn better grades than their peers who take fewer credits. Finish college faster and can start on a career that provides financial independence and increased lifetime earnings.

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Save Time

Students who successfully complete at least 15 credit hours each semester finish their college degree on time. Literature from Complete College America (CCA) says time not money is the biggest obstacle for students completing college. The longer it takes a student to complete their degree, the less likely it is they will graduate.

Time is the Enemy*

Save Money

Research has shown that most full-time students take less than 15 credit hours and don’t finish on time, adding the costs of extra semesters. This cost is expensive for the student and parents/guardians. An additional 3 credit hours may not seem significant, but Kent State University’s in-state students that take 15 hours a semester or 30 hours a year, as opposed to just 12 credit hours, will save the following:

Based on 2016-17 cost of attendance, the average four-year degree at Kent State University is $81,648, while a six-year degree totals $122,472. That is a savings of $40,824.


Be Successful

Full-time students who successfully complete 15 credit hours each semester, perform 
better than full-time students who take less than 15 credit hours each semester**.

FR Cohort Term 12-14 Credit Hours 15+ Credit Hours
Fall 2009 2.65 2.96
Fall 2010 2.65 2.98
Fall 2011 2.64 2.98
Fall 2012 2.80 3.00
Fall 2013 2.91 3.06
Fall 2014 2.88 3.02
Fall 2015 2.92 3.07
7-Year Average        2.76 3.02

** According to Kent State University's Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness data



Get a Head Start

The sooner a student graduates, the sooner they can enter the professional world and begin life beyond the classroom. After completing a bachelor's degree, students are able to reap the benefits of their college education by starting graduate school or paying off their student debt.



It can be tough to get back in the swing of things after Thanksgiving break. The idea of finals looming so close on the heels of your return to campus can lead to increased anxiety about workloads.

Remember to stick with your time management plan and study plan. If you chunk out work into deadlines and smaller sections, it will be more manageable and seem achievable with a commitment to those deadlines.

Take time, too, for continued good nutrition, exercise, rest and diligent hand washing. These efforts can ward off a bad cold or the flu. Being sick is never pleasant — even less so without the comforts of home.