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    Mark Your Calendar and Plan Ahead

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    • Plan ahead and take advantage of Your Time to Register. You can flag your calendar now, check your Dynamic Checklist in FlashLine and watch for a reminder email, too. 
    • Follow your roadmap and audit plan through the Graduation Planning System (GPS). GPS tracks student progress to graduation. GPS includes all requirements for earning a degree in the declared program.
    • Meet with an advisor to ease your transition, decide on a major, explore internships and co-ops, education-abroad opportunities and more. Reminder, this is required.
    • Stay on track with your advisor during your time at Kent State.
    • Got 15? encourages students to complete their degree on time. Register and successfully complete at least 15 credit hours each semester.
    • With Success Coaching, you can begin developing your goals based on your interests for getting connected and for creating a healthy student and life balance.
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    Dates and Deadlines
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    Some students will feel torn as the holidays approach. While many look forward to going home for the holidays, others could be anxious or both. Everyone is very likely wondering how to handle mom and dad and rules that haven't been an issue for the last few months. Chances are, mom and dad are wondering the same thing! Remember to be respectful and treat others as you would like to be treated. If a new friend cannot travel home, perhaps you could consider extending an invitation or approaching family members about such an option next year.