Protect Your GPA

Getting to Kent

As a student, it’s important to make good decisions because they can impact your GPA. Many things you do, and often the things you don’t do (like not going to class or taking advantage of tutoring), can make a difference. Remember - you are in control of your academics and how you spend your time!

    • Be sure to manage your academic time, personal time and keep your health in mind.
    • Get a planner and make check lists to get things done. This can be traditional paper or a Google Calendar. 
    • Use your phone to your advantage. Set daily alarms to remind yourself to study, eat, sleep and exercise. Hey, while you are at it, you should probably make one to brush your teeth. Your roommate will thank you.

Time Spent Inside the Classroom and Out

  • At Kent State courses are organized by units of credit hours.
  • Each credit hour equals 15 hours of class time. 
  • For every credit hour, students are expected to spend two to three hours per week working outside of class on studying and assignments.

Hours Spent Working on Class Materials

Course Credit Hours Weekly Hours Spent Outside of Class Hours per Semester Spent in Class Hours per Semester Spent Outside of Class
3 6 to 9  45 90
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    Finding Help is Easy
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    Stay on Track
    • Come to class prepared to take notes. 
    • Familiarize yourself with course (and university) attendance policies.
    • Familiarize yourself with the course syllabus.
    • Make a semester calendar. Use a planner or your smartphone to track all course assignments and exams.
    • Access and discuss your midterm grades with your course instructors.
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    Additional Steps to Avoid Procrastination
    • Avoid procrastinating.
    • Stay organized.
    • Learn to say "No!"
    • Use your time wisely.
    • Stay motivated.


    Students who would like to receive assistance in course work can find help through Drop-in Tutoring, Scheduled Tutoring, or Virtual Tutoring.

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    So, you finally have a bit of a routine and you're relieved that midterms will soon be behind you. Your performance, even before grades are returned, may have boosted or deflated your confidence, depending on how you feel the exams went. As you wait to get grades back, you may realize that friendships or relationships at home are on shaky ground because of the time you recently invested in studying or new friendships and hobbies.