Quick Career Decision Maker

The "weighted average" method below removes the subjective influence we often do not realize occurs when making a decision. This method can be used when making important decisions in life such as choosing a major, graduate program, or which job offer to accept.

Step 1: List the job traits essential to your decision and rate their importance

Job Traits to Consider:

Click a trait to add it to your list or type in your own in the boxes to the left. For more ideas, speak with a career counselor in Career Services.
  • Location
  • Salary
  • Matches my skills
  • Offers prestige
  • Convenient work hours
  • Job security
  • Advanced degree not needed
  • Does not require work to be taken home
  • Advancement potential
  • Help others
  • Work independently
  • Sounds enjoyable
  • Easy commute
Job Traits Importance

Step 2: List the two jobs you would like to compare

Step 3: Rate how your two options would fulfill your jobs traits

Job Traits