EASP Participants

Desiree Alaniz

BA in Political Science and Gender Studies at UC Davis; MLS/MA in Archives Management and History, in progress at Simmons College

Research interests: Archival education, critical archival practices, community archives and social movement history.

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: I am excited to connect with a network of fellow archivists and scholars engaging in research and critical conversations about our field. I look forward to bringing the tools I learn at AERI to my campus community and continuing to build a more inclusive and critical space for student perspectives in archives.

Mali Collins

BA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Minor in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies from the University of Minnesota; MA in Black Studies within the Culture and Theory Department from the University of California, Irvine (in progress)

Research interests: Black Studies, Black epistemologies and methodologies in researching cultural archives.

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: My time in the EASP program would provide a springboard for interacting with successful scholars currently performing this intellectual and archival labor with Black archives. Through engagement with emerging and established scholars, I hope to (re)discover ways that black life is archived speak into the misunderstandings of archival preservation and studies to disentangle what we could understand, not just what we have lost, of Black history.

Shaina Vanessa Destine

BS in Sport/Entertainment/Event Management with a concentration in Hospitality Sales & Meeting Management at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, FL.; MLIS, Archives and Digital Curation at University of Maryland, College Park (in progress)

Research interests: archives and social justice; race, culture, and marginalized communities

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: I hope that from attending AERI as an EA scholar, I will be exposed to a variety of other ways to accomplish my goal of merging social justice and archives. I hope to meet a variety of people and be exposed to different things. There were no librarians and archivists where I grew up so I feel like the more I listen and learn, the more that I can refine my path and consider new ways to get there.

Amanda M. Leftwich

BA in Art History from Arcadia University; MSLS Candidate in Library Science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania (expected 2018)

Research interests: Diversity in librarianship, African American & Native American history, disability studies, LGQTQIA advocacy, and access services.

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: This program will assist me in creating connections and feasible goals for the future. I believe that I will be able to find opportunities for mentorship, build bridges for fellowship, and will enhance my skills as a library professional. I also hope to learn how to be an advocate for archives and make archival material accessible to diverse populations.

Garcie Locklear

BS in Education from Pembroke State University (formerly-University of North Carolina @ Pembroke); Master of Arts in Education from the Pembroke State University; Master of Library Science from East Carolina University

Research interests: Seeking out and extracting evidence from archival records pertaining to The Lost Colony and the American Indians in North Carolina and South Carolina.

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: I’m hoping to gather innovative information from doctoral students and graduates engaged in research and pedagogy in the archival studies field; also compile updated information on how to oversee a museum.

Enid Ocegueda

BA in History from UC, Riverside; M.L.I.S degree at San Jose State University (starting Fall of 2016)

Research interests: My areas of interest include late 19 th century and early 20 th century history, women’s history, women’s representation in archives, underrepresentation in archives, preservation of materials, community archives, and digital archives.

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: I am hoping that attending the AERI conference may contribute to my further understanding of the field while still emphasizing my interests. I also hope to expand my network of friends and colleagues in the field and learn from the experts themselves.

Willie Thomas (forthcoming)
Sony Prosper

Bachelor of Arts in History from Mercer University; M.S. in Library and Information Science (expected 2017)

Research interests: Archival appraisal, African American history, digital archives, evolution of archival functions in digital environment, Haitian/Haitian American history.

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: Attending AERI as an EA scholar is a great opportunity to initiate conversation and build relationships with scholars, faculty and students who are interested in and part of efforts to bring forward experiences, perspectives, and contributions long underrepresented in the archival field. I am also interested in exploring the relationship between archival appraisal and its relation to efficiency and unexpected silencing (both archival and historical). And I look forward to learning about the diverse interests of this year’s participants.

Charlotte Von De Bur

BA in English/Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of Chicago

Research interests: Queer theory, gender theory, LGBT history, reception history, special collections, conservation, rare book and manuscript studies, and pedagogy

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: By attending AERI as an EASP scholar, I hope to expand my sense of the possibilities of the current field of library and archival science by learning more about current research in the field, as well as emerging methods in collections management, accessibility initiatives and community education. The social role of libraries and archives is evolving rapidly with the rise of digital collections, and I’m curious to see how groups and individuals currently working in the field are thinking about using the potentially massive reach of modern collections to advance education and opportunity for underserved populations.

Jimmy Zavala

BA in Latin American Studies from California State University, Los Angeles; MA in History from California State University, Los Angeles; MS in Library and Information Science, in progress at UCLA

Research interests: analyzing the role of community archives in shaping community memory and providing marginalized communities with representation, empowerment, and access to archives; archives and social justice

How you hope to benefit from attending AERI as an EA Scholar: Jimmy hopes to learn about new research and scholarship in the archival profession. Furthermore, he looks forward to engaging with the rest of the emerging archival scholars and speaking to leading archival scholars in the profession to gain academic and professional advice.