Organizers & Sponsors

AERI 2016 is part of an ongoing project called Building the Future of Archival Education and Research, which has received two four-year grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services – Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program. This project works in collaboration with leading archival education programs in the U.S. to train and support future archival faculty. This initiative aims to stimulate the growth of a new generation of academics in archival education who are versed in contemporary issues and knowledgeable of the work being conducted by colleagues. To achieve this goal, the project nurtures and promotes state-of-the-art scholarship in Archival Science, broadly conceived, and encourages curricular and pedagogical innovation in archival education across the United States and worldwide.

Building the Future of Archival Education and Research Staff

  • Anne Gilliland – Principal Investigator (Professor, UCLA)
  • Elizabeth Yakel – Co-Principal Investigator (Professor, University of Michigan)
  • Kelvin White – Co-Principal Investigator (Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma)
  • Kathy Carbone – AERI Project Manager (Ph.D. Student, UCLA)

Participating Institutions and Faculty

  • University of California, Los Angeles – Anne Gilliland
  • University of Michigan – Elizabeth Yakel
  • University of Maryland – Ricardo L. Punzalan
  • University of Texas, Austin – Patricia L. Galloway, Ciaran B. Trace
  • Simmons College – Jeannette Bastian
  • University of Pittsburgh – Richard J. Cox
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Helen R. Tibbo
  • University of Oklahoma – Kelvin White

AERI 2016 Program Committee

  • Leisa Gibbons, Assistant Professor, Kent State University (AERI 2016 Program Co-chair)
  • Anne Gilliland, Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Karen F. Gracy, Associate Professor, Kent State University (AERI 2016 Program Co-chair)
  • Eileen Horansky, M.L.I.S. Student, Kent State University

AERI 2016 Poster Session Co-Chairs

Information coming soon!

Emerging Archival Scholars Program

  • Kelvin White, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma (Chair)

Kent State University School of Library and Information Science Staff

  • Flo Cunningham, Marketing Communications and Public Relations Specialist
  • Jeff Fruit, Interim Director
  • Cheryl Tennant, Special Assistant

University of California, Los Angeles Staff

  • Kathy Carbone



Kent State University College of Communication and Information


Kent State University Press


Institution of Museum and Library Services


Rowman & Littlefield


Society of American Archivists