Janice Bowman ’99 and James Thomas ’97

Their Story

We met in a history class at Kent State. But it was long after that class that we got together. He had already graduated, I was in my last year to finish my bachelors degree in Finance. We moved to the East Coast in 2000. And have been together for 23 years, married 19. I am proud of my education and my degree and the success I’ve had in my career. But Jim is the very best thing that happened to me at KSU. For what I have learned about myself in loving him has been the most valuable and treasured lessons of my life. Thank you KSU because of you I met The LOVE of my life!

The Proposal and Marriage

There really wasn’t a formal proposal we just decided to marry. So we went on a vacation to Key West and came back married.

How Janice and James Remain Connected to Kent State

Mostly through Facebook, there is a group out here in NYC we do charitable things as KSU Alums. Fortunately I was also able to attend the Kathrine Hepburn show. I adore her.

Janice and Thomas, posed and smiling for the camera
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