Steve Howell, ’93, M.Ed ’01, PhD ‘11 and Kirstein Howell, ‘93

Steve and Kirstein

The Couple that Studies Together, Stays Together

Our Story
I met my husband in room 312 in White Hall. The student sitting next to me used to tell me every time Steve looked my way in class. We shared our first hug at the end of our last class to say goodbye. The professor of that class had everyone exchange addresses, telling us to stay in touch with each other after graduation. 

The Courtship, Engagement and Marriage
Steve and I exchanged weekly letters for the next 11 months after graduation. After that, we had our first date in October, engaged by February, and married in August. Our wedding reception was at the university.  When we arrived, my husband took me and our photographer back to room 312. We got pictures of us sitting in our seats in the classroom, kissing under the door number and kissing by the chalkboard where my husband wrote “Just Married.”

Steve and Kirstein
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