How To Join

The Kent State Student Ambassadors recruit new members year-round, but application admissions and interviews only occur once a year at the end of fall semester. The following are common questions about how to join the Kent State Student Ambassadors.

How can I become a Kent Student Ambassador?

All prospective KSA members are encouraged to:

  • Complete an application. Applications are available online. You can learn more about applying at our tables at Back to School Blastoff and the Black Squirrel Festival.
  • Attend the KSA Information Night during the fall semester that explains the application process. Prospective members can ask KSA executive board members questions about the organization and its members and learn more about member requirements.  

What is KSA looking for in a new member?

The recruitment process is highly selective. KSA is composed of students who represent a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs, majors and interests. Prospective Ambassadors should be poised, personable, willing to express their pride for Kent State University and able to demonstrate their knowledge of the university. Additional requirements include:

  • A 3.0 GPA; freshman will be accepted pending the required GPA at the end of their first semester at Kent State
  • Interest and enthusiasm for Kent State University and the Ambassador program
  • Leadership qualities
  • Time availability

If I am a sophomore or junior, will it hurt my chances of getting in?

Absolutely not. KSA considers applications from the following:

  • Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors
  • Graduate students
  • International students

Can I still join KSA if I am going to be gone from Kent State for a semester?

Yes, you can. Kent State Ambassadors are granted one-semester leave of absence, which they may or may not use during their time with the organization

Students are encouraged to participate in off-campus experiences such as studying abroad, the Washington Program in National Issues and the Columbus Program, which all require a semester, and sometimes a year, off-campus. The leave of absence can also be used when a student needs a break from KSA responsibilities due to heavy class and work schedules, personal or health-related issues, etc. 


The deadline to turn in the membership application is October 1st.

Interested in joining? Complete the following application today!