Application to PTA Program


  • Ashtabula Campus PTA September 1


  • East Liverpool Campus PTA April 1


  • Athletic Trainers ATC+PTA March 1st or until all seats are filled



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  • Applicant contact information: Name, address, phone,
  • Kent ID Number (9-digit number beginning with 81...)
  • High School: School and year graduated, or GED and date received
  • Previous colleges: Name, dates attended, cumulative GPA, and degree awarded (if applicable)
  • Information from the Observation and Recommendation forms: Facility name and city, total hours, date completed

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Admission to technical study in for the Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant Technology is limited and selective. All applicants must provide evidence that they meet the minimum qualifications to be considered for a seat in the class. Applicants who fail to provide evidence of having the minimum qualifications will not be considered for admission. Having the minimum qualifications does not guarantee acceptance into the PTST technical study. All application materials must be submitted prior to the application deadline.

  • Admitted Kent State University student
  • Declared in the AAS-PTST major (see your Academic Advisor for instructions to change your major)
  • Submit the online PTA Technical Study Application. Admission to PTST technical study is a separate process from admission to the University and requires a separate application.
  • Minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA from the most recent academic experience of 12 credit hours or more
  • Demonstrate readiness for college level coursework with competence in reading, algebra, and writing

* Note: Essential academic preparation for the ATC+PTA Concentration is a degree in Athletic Training and Current Board Certification as an Athletic Trainer.

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All complete applications with documentation of the minimum qualifications are evaluated and ranked in the first three (3) selection criteria. Points are assigned based on information acquired in the KSU academic record. The top 45 applicants are invited to interview and submit an essay. Seats in the class are offered to the applicants with the highest total points in all 7 criteria. Acceptance to technical study continues until a maximum of 28 students are accepted, or first semester classes begin.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Grade Point Average (40 points maximum)
  2. College courses completed that are required in the PTST degree (40 points maximum)
  3. Course Bonus (5 points maximum)
  4. Essential Behaviors (12 points maximum)
  5. Observation Experience Recommendation (8 points Maximum)
  6. Applicant Assessment (50 points maximum)
  7. Essay (10 points maximum)
  8. Observation Bonus (5 points maximum)

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Group assessments of the top 45 most academically qualified applicants are scheduled via email notification. Applicants selected for the assessment process will receive an email ( invitation at least one week prior to assessment day date with instructions to confirm their assessment time. Please check the information packet for the specific cohort you are applying to for information regarding the timeline for your assessment day as it does vary from cohort to cohort and from year to year.

The purpose of the assessment process is to assess the applicant's behaviors and readiness for a rigorous PTA program. Each applicant will complete 2 paper/pencil assessments followed by writing of 2 essay responses. All applicants are un-identified by name during the assessment process. Assessment sessions last for approximately 50 minutes in length and normally include 5-8 applicants with 3-4 faculty or staff members in the assessment room. Following completion of the applicant assessment day, a maximum of 50 points are assigned to the assessment based on the following areas:

  • Following Instructions
  • Professional Confidence
  • Speaking/Body Language Confidence
  • Time Management/Arrival Time
  • Professional Presentation
  • College Readiness
  • GRIT
  • Penmanship
  • Expression/Organization of Thought
  • Professional Maturity
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Depth of Knowledge
  • Professional Language

After completion of the interview applicants will complete an essay writing which is graded on the following criteria:

  • Follows directions (as detailed during the essay writing)
  • Organized thoughts and ideas that convey an articulate message
  • Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Interest in the Physical Therapy Profession

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All selection notifications are sent to the students KSU email address according to the following schedule. Please do not call unless you did not receive an email.

Please check the information packet for the specific cohort you are applying to for information regarding the timeline for selection notification as it does vary from cohort to cohort and from year to year.

Applicants not accepted to technical study in a given year may re-apply in a subsequent year. Observation and Recommendation forms are valid and kept in the PTA office for two (2) years after the last observation date. Students not selected are encouraged to meet with a program advisor to review the strength of their application and establish a plan to meet their academic and career goals.

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Transfer course credit

The Kent State University (KSU) Transfer Center evaluates the transcripts provided during the KSU admissions process. All previous coursework is recorded and recognized as "Earned Credit". Any course listed in the KSU Transfer Credit Guide, or at, with an equivalent KSU course is guaranteed to transfer to KSU as the course listed. Any student with a previously earned Bachelor's degree automatically receives credit for all Kent Core general studies requirements.

Students may petition a department to re-evaluate any transfer course that does not have an equivalent KSU course. [Indicated by KSU course numbers with an "X" (Example: PSYC 1X135)]. Petitions may only be submitted after the student is accepted to KSU and the Transfer Center has completed the process of evaluating the transcript. Please consult your advisor regarding the process to petition for transfer credit.

Students must monitor the Graduation Planning System (GPS) Audit to confirm that transfer courses are recognized as meeting the graduation requirements of the AAS-PTST degree. Petitions to recognize transfer course credit should be completed during the first semester at KSU.

Transfer from another PT or PTA Program

Students who transfer from another physical therapist or physical therapist assistant degree program must apply and be accepted to PTST technical study. Courses previously completed at another institution do not transfer as equivalent to PTST courses at KSU.

Credit by Exam (CBE) is available by department approval for certain PTST courses in the curriculum. Students requesting department approval for CBE must apply and be accepted to PTST technical study. Consult the Program Director for details.

Transfer between campuses at Kent State University

Students apply and are accepted to PTST technical study at either the Ashtabula campus or the East Liverpool campus. Once admitted to technical study, a student is encouraged to complete the degree at that campus. Students who are in good academic standing have one opportunity to request a transfer to the other campus.

Transfer between health care programs at Kent State University

Students who have been dismissed for academic reasons from a health care program at Kent State University are eligible to apply for acceptance to technical study in another health care program at KSU as long as they meet the admission requirements of the program to which they are transferring to and there is available space in the program.

Students who have been dismissed from a health care program at any campus of Kent State University for other specified reasons may not enroll in another health care program or transfer to another campus within the same health care program. Specified reasons include, but are not limited to: failure to pass a background check screening, falsification of information or documentation, plagiarism, unprofessional behavior, use of drugs or alcohol, breach of confidentiality, threatening or manipulative behavior, failure to maintain professional boundaries with clients, and other behavioral or ethical issues identified at the discretion of the Dean. This does not include dismissals for academic reasons.

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In academic and student programs, it is the policy of this University that there shall be no unlawful discrimination against any student or applicant for admission as a student because of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap, or identity as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era. Such policy shall apply to, but not necessarily be limited to, the following: recruiting, admission, access to programs, financial aid, and social, recreational, and health programs. This policy shall be applicable to all campuses and units of the University. This policy shall also apply with reference to discrimination on a basis of age insofar as required by law. Inquiries regarding federal regulations and state law may be directed to the Office of Affirmative Action, Wright Hall, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242-0001.

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