FCCPT Courses

Kent State University offers two different courses designed to meet many of the Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT) competency requirements for the foreign trained physical therapist seeking licensure in the United States as a physical therapist assistant or physical therapist. These 5-week courses are offered three times per year (one time per semester) on two different campuses. All lecture materials are taught and tested online, however skill competency instruction and testing requires a mandatory on-campus lab day during the final week of the course.

Please note that all foreign trained competency courses at Kent State University have limited available seats. When a course is full, no more students can be placed in the course. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis and no seats are held for any student. The student is responsible to register for the course and must follow the admissions and registration process. These courses are offered every semester and if you are not able to secure a seat in the session of your choice, you are welcome to enroll in the next available session.

Tuition and fees for each 3-credit hour course is approximately $2,050. Textbooks are recommended but not required. Travel, meals and lodging to attend the one day lab is an additional cost to enrolled students. Please note that Guest Students are not able to access financial aid to cover the cost of any competency course through Kent State University. Further inquiries can be sent to Kent State University at Ashtabula Financial Aid office. Kent State University PTA program is not responsible for decisions regarding tuition or residency status.

Official transcripts are available from the Financial, Billing & Enrollment Center six weeks after the conclusion of the course.

Email Theresa Hootman, Administrative Clerk, or Tiffany Kiphart, PTA Program Director, for course information (please provide your full name).