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https://www.kent.edu/ashtabula/health-degrees/application-ocat-technical-study : 

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Application for Admission - Summer 2019

Application Instructions: In order to be eligible for the OCAT Class of 2020, which begins Summer 2019, students must complete all program admission requirements and submit the application form and essay by March 1, 2019.  Acceptance into the program is a selective process, as outlined in the program's information packet.  Additional information regarding application for the class of 2020 will be available here on January 1, 2019.

Prior to initiating the online application, please make sure you have read the Application Information Packet and have completed your essay.  Essays will be accepted in Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.


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Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission to the Occupational Therapy Assistant technical study program are listed below.  ALL of these requirements must be fulfilled, and evidence of their completion submitted by March 1, 2019, for admission in Summer Semester (May) 2019.  Failure to submit ALL admission requirements will exclude the applicant from consideration for admission.  Admission is based on comparative evaluation of the applicants' credentials as they relate to academic achievement. ​

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Selection Process

The OCAT Program admits a new class of up to 28 students each Summer Semester.  The deadline for application materials and requirements to be completed and submitted for the Summer 2019 admission is March 1, 2019.   Qualified applicants will be ranked on a point scale.  Points are assigned based on grade point average (GPA), observation experience, writing sample and completion of open enrollment courses. The 28 candidates with the highest points will be accepted. 

Students who are enrolled in BSCI 11010 during the Spring 2019 semester may be provisionally accepted, pending successful completion (C or better grade) of the course by the end of the Spring2019 semester.  Provisionally accepted students who do not earn a C or higher in BSCI 11010 at the conclusion of the spring semester will not be eligible to start the program in the summer.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail of either acceptance or rejection by March 31, 2019, with reason for rejection provided.  Information regarding the selection results will not be given over the phone.  There is no waiting list, but students who continue to take program open enrollment courses listed in the OTA curriculum list may have a stronger, more competitive application the following year.  Students may only apply to the OCAT program two times.