Organizational Structure

Strategic Planning Steering Committee Members
Member Department
N. J. Akbar Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Talea Drummer-Ferrell Office of the Dean of Students
Jill Jenkins Residence Services
Shana Lee Office of the Dean of Students
Jason Littleford Residence Services
Jennifer Marcinkiewicz Center for Teaching and Learning
Pacifique Niyonzima Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs
Todd Snider University Communications & Marketing
Ann Stavale University Health Services
Kendra Wilson Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs
Joshua Rider Center for Adult & Veteran Services
Valerie Samuel Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs
Julie Volcheck Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs
Division Leadership Committee

MEMBER                                          POSITION

Lamar R. Hylton                            Senior Vice President, Student Affairs

Michael Daniels                             Director, Student Multicultural Center

Ken Ditlevson                               Director, LBGTQ+ Center

Kristan Dolan                                 Associate Director, Marketing

Talea Drummer-Ferrell                Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Pamela Farer-Singleton               Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Amanda Feaster                            Director, Student Accessibility Services

Gary Goldberg                                Assistant Vice President, Student Engagement & Services

Jill Jenkins                                    Senior Executive Director, University Housing and Culinary Services

Todd Kamenash                            Associate Dean of Students for Conduct & Community Engagement

Shana M. Lee                                 Assistant Dean of Students

Eron Memaj                                    Director, International Student Affairs

Ann Meyers                                    Interim Director, Kent Student Center

Jennifer O’Connell                        Director, Center for Sexual & Relationship Violence Support

Michael O'Karma                           Director, Budget, Finance and Technology

Cassandra Pegg-Kirby                  Director, Women’s Center

Amy Quillin                                    Student Ombuds

Joshua Rider                                   Executive Director, Center for Adult & Veterans Services

Kim Rufra                                        Associate Dean of Students, Recreation and Wellness Services

Valerie Samuel                               Associate Director, Assessment and Accreditation

Julie Volcheck                                Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs Administration / Director, University Health Services

Yvonna Washington-Greer         Assistant Vice President, Equity, Identity, and Success

Kendra Wilson                               Director, Office of the Senior Vice President

Lisa Dannemiller                          Chief University Physician

Tiffany Murray                              Director, Gender Equity and Title IX

Leah Shaw                                      Director, Residence Life

Ericka Shoaff                                 Assistant Dean of Students and Director, CARES Center

David Taylor                                   Senior Director, Residence Services

Division of Student Affairs Staff