Our Brand.

Welcome, curious minds from wherever you come, and with all that you are – alive with promise and possibility.

Together, as educators and those eager to learn, we work and grow as a community – as family. And always by kindness and mutual respect, Flashes take care of Flashes.

Moving forward, side by side, in each idea and experience – going above and beyond with unsurpassed support to ensure success.

Together, we break down barriers and open wide the doors of opportunity. Energized, and forever inspired, to create the future we want to see and be.

What is our Brand?

Our Kent State University “brand” is our image as seen by others. Our brand is who we are - a unique expression of the university and its reputation. It is the intellectual and emotional response we, as Kent State, elicit from its stakeholders and the general public. It is who we are perceived to be by those outside the university. Our goal, as communicators, is to represent Kent State accurately and compellingly to ensure the perception of the university among stakeholders truly represents who we are.