Budget Revision Request

The budget revision request form is to be used when a campus unit needs to transfer budgeted funds to increase or decrease an account code amount within an established budget (index). 

Budget Revision Request (Excel)

Budget Revision Request Instructions (Excel)

Examples of when to use a Budget Revision Request Form:

  • Transferring budgets for events/programming where multiple university units are collaborating for a shared benefit. 
  • Reallocating vacant/unused position budget to fund an active position.
  • Reallocating operating budget internally within a university unit to better align to spending.
  • Transferring allocated funds to support one-time expenditures. 
  • Permanently transferring a budget for a university unit moving under a new area of responsibility. 

Examples of when not to use a Budget Revision Request Form:

  • Seeking to charge another campus unit for services, this would be considered an IDC (interdepartmental charge journal entry).
  • Seeking to move an expense, this would be considered a COR (correcting journal entry).
  • Seeking to make a change to agency funds. Please reach out to the Controller's Office for agency adjustments. 

Please refer to the Controller’s Office for further guidance on how to process IDCs and CORs via the IDC/COR Guidelines

Contact the University Budget Office  if you have further questions concerning budget revisions.