Budget Training

The University Budget Training Sessions provide the skills, tools and knowledge for university administrators to learn and develop their financial abilities and become advanced fiscal stewards of the university. These trainings are facilitated by the University Budget Office and have been prepared for any level of administrator from entry-level through executive leadership.

Currently, the University Budget Office offers University Budget Fundamentals. Additional trainings are being developed and will be offered in the future. If you would like to submit suggestions for trainings please feel free to email the University Budget Office at university_budget@kent.edu.

Training Offerings

University Budget Fundamentals
Join the budget office for an in-depth session on the fundamentals of the university budget. Meet the team behind the budget and learn about phases of the fiscal cycle and the components which make up the university budget.

Watch the University Budget Fundamentals Broadcast

Read the University Budget Fundamentals PowerPoint

Comments on University Budget Trainings

"Wow! This was outstanding! Very clear introduction to the basics that we all need to know."

"Excellent overview on University Budget fundamentals. Appreciated the budget term definitions."

"Data slides presented in an easy-to-understand visual format rather than a chart full of numbers."

    Additional Trainings and Guides Offered by Finance and Administration Units

    Banner Finance Guides

    The Controller's Office offers an array of guides and tutorials to assist in navigating the intricacies of Banner Finance. Please use the following link to access this information.


    Please contact the University Budget Office at university_budget@kent.edu if you have any questions.