Where can I find data about enrollment in my college or department?

Student specific enrollment data can be pulled using the Cognos Saar:012 - AIMS Enrollment Report. The path for this report is: Public Folders > Kent State University > Student > Official > Student Records (Registrar) > College. You will need to be logged into FlashLine and go into the Cognos Reporting section of My Action Items.
Where can I find data about faculty? (limited access)

Where can I find out budget information about my college or department? (limited access)
  • RCM Spreadsheets - Colleges and Departments have been provided with various levels of detail regarding RCM.
  1. To assist with planning and analysis a detailed database is provided that contains income and expense information on each student sitting in every class. This database is available to the colleges through their Business Officer.
    View a sample of the available type of information

  2. A budget worksheet is also available for colleges and departments to use in planning and tracking revenues and expenditures. This tool is available through the College Business Officer.
    View a sample of the budget worksheet

  • Year-End Fund Balances: See your College Business Officer.
  • COGNOS - Monthly Expenses: See your College Business Officer.
Where can I find information on enrollment projections?
  • Enrollment Projection Tool - This worksheet is used by colleges and departments to estimate enrollment for the next academic year. For details, see your College Business Officer. An example of the enrollment projection tool is shown here.
How can I determine if a new program will be financially successful?
  • Break Even Analysis - This tool is used to estimate the number of enrollments needed for a program to "break even" under the RCM model. There are many assumptions in this tool and can only be used for planning - it does not provide the actual RCM revenues and expenses. Contact your College Business Officer for more details.
Where can I find information about research dollars?
What student survey results do we have?
How can I find college forecast information? (limited access)

College Forecast Worksheets: These worksheets are provided by the colleges to the Academic Affairs Budget Office and are used to build the enrollments and revenues for the upcoming fiscal year. Contact your College Business Officer for more details.