Featured Faculty

Many study abroad courses are taught by our very own faculty. Hear about the study abroad experience from our featured faculty members.

Chaya Kessler, Jewish Studies Program Director, on her Spring Break study abroad course in Poland:

"In 2013 we brought Eli Wiesel, when came he said that "when you hear a witness, you become a witness."

"Rather than offering an academic course, this course was designed to be interdisciplinary."

"Our students bare witness through their direct experiences on site. I'm hoping that we are creating witnesses. The students who come on this program are challenged to see beyond what meets the eye. We also help them internalize some of the lessons that are in front of them. At the same time we ask them to question their own perceptions and biases with regards to the presentations of the Holocaust through music, movies, monuments and books."

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Chaya Kessler
Director of Jewish Studies Program