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Many study abroad courses are taught by our very own faculty. Hear about the study abroad experience from our featured faculty member, who recently went abroad to teach.

Dr. Kenneth Bindas, Ph.D, Chair Department of History, on his experience teaching Modern Italian History and Culture in Italy at KSU's Florence Program during the Summer Institute:

"Taking courses at Palazzo dei Cerchi in Florence, Italy whether for the summer or for a whole semester, opens a student¹s eyes to the similarities between various peoples and their histories.”

The idea of exceptionalism is challenged by the richness of the culture experienced right outside the doors of Palazzo dei Cerchi and this is only the start of an educational awakening that will reward students for many years to come. My course on Modern Italian History and Culture provided an overview of the development of Italy as an idea, place, and country and allowed the students to better understand the cultural construction of the United States and their relationship to the world as global citizens. It was both professionally and personally rewarding for me to witness the transformation of my students as they matured intellectually and otherwise through exposure to the contrasts and richness of life outside the United States. The KSU-Florence Program truly opens the eyes and minds of students and is one of the best educational opportunities offered by Kent State University; I encourage everyone to go!

Dr. Kenneth J. Bindas
Professor & Chair
Department of History