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Study Abroad Scholarship Information

To help ease the financial cost of studying abroad, the College of Arts & Sciences will often provide scholarships to the first few students who apply.

Our office is working constantly to update students on the latest scholarships and funding opportunities.

In an effort to help our students understand the importance of study abroad, the College of Arts and Sciences is offering Scholarship Workshops hosted by our undergraduate Peer Ambassadors. Peer Ambassadors are living-proof that the techniques and fundraising ideas discussed in these workshops actually work!

What better way to learn how to fund a study abroad experience then from someone who has already done it?

Scholarship workshops

The purpose of these workshops are to offer an opportunity to students to meet like-mided people with similar goals, dreams, and aspirations of studying abroad. These workshops offer students one-on-one and small group attention when searching and applying for study abroad funding.

Students will learn how to:
  • Write funding request letters
  • Brainstorm creative ideas
  • Search for unique funding opportunities 
Workshops will be held WEEKLY until December 9, 2016:  
  • Tuesdays,1-3pm; 124/115 Bowman Hall 
  • Thursdays, 5-7pm; 124/115 Bowman Hall 

Please contact Alyssa Mazey at for more information.