rooftop in florence seen through window

Studying abroad is an immensely valuable experience. How valuable you may ask? Here are a few reasons!

  • Get a competitive edge in applying to graduate school
  • Form a broader and more sophisticated view of the world
  • Increase your self-awareness, confidence, adaptability, and independence
  • Gain a better understanding of cultural values and personal biases
  • Improve your intercultural communication and language skills
  • Start long-lasting friendships forged through shared experiences
  • Have the adventure of a lifetime in an amazing destination

From Students

"What’s it like to finally feel like you’re truly in step with the world around you? I thought I could answer these questions for you three months ago but I’m now realizing I couldn’t. I have spent three months in Dresden, Germany and my entire life has been changed. I have become a more passionate students, a stronger person, and I have figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life. The brochures you look at for study abroad tell you it’s a life changing experience but no one really takes it to heart. When they tell you it will change your life you don’t understand how drastic of a change they mean. Studying abroad forces you to know yourself, put more effort into learning, and really look at your own culture compared to others."

-Alissa Thomas

"It can be completely nerve wracking and exhausting trying to navigate through a new area and not knowing what to expect, but in that came the greatest adventures of finding hidden gems of an area. Being thrown out of my normal area into a new one gave me the opportunity to understand no matter where we come from working together gets us where we need to go. You learn more by doing and exploring than you ever will sitting behind a computer reading from a textbook."

-Kelsey Merrit

"The Poland Spring Break Program is unlike any other study abroad program at Kent State and if it were up to me, I think that it should be a requirement for every student to attend. Studying abroad is always presented as a life changing experience, and while I certainly think this to be true, Poland was so much more than that. It taught me to find empathy in a world that tends to lack it, to actively remember the horrors of the past that so many would rather forget, and it taught me that in those moments when your feet hang heavy with the weight of grief and hopelessness it is important to carry that feeling with you as a reminder to seek out hope and then use it to help create a kinder world.”

-Sarah Hagglund