Florence International Summer Institute

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Florence International Summer Institute 

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Language study is more than just language. By immersing yourself with art, history, literature, food and many other cultural aspects of Florence, you will be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of Italian culture.

Kent State invites students from all over the world to apply. The International Programs and Education Abroad office will be selecting students and providing scholarships based on academic background. Students from all nationalities and academic disciplines are encouraged to apply.

This four-week, intensive program features faculty from some of the world’s most prestigious universities:

Guiseppe Mazzotta
Dr. Giuseppe Mazzotta

Sterling Professor of Humanities for Italian (Yale University), teaching “Plague, Patronage, and Power: Italian Literature From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.”


Brenda Schildgen
Dr. Brenda Schildgen

Distinguished Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature (University of California Davis), teaching: “The Italian Renaissance and Utopian World-Making


Courses available at the Florence International Summer Institute:

  • Plague, Patronage, and Power: Italian Literature From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • The Italian Renaissance and Utopian World-Making 
  • Basic Conversational Italian
  • Italian Fashion and Culture
  • The Golden Age of Italian Art 
  • Italian Cinema
  • Italian History & Culture
  • Italian Mafia: History and Stereotypes
  • The Luxury Market and Italian Business Excellence
  • Food and Culture in Italy

The Florence International Summer Institute at Kent State University in Italy offers participants the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Florentine culture while in a classroom comprised of students from universities around the world. Students will receive the very best liberal arts style instruction typically associated with higher education in the United States while being able to enjoy the many benefits of the Italian humanistic intellectual tradition. 

This innovative institute features internationally recognized, world-renowned experts not only from Kent State but from many other prestigious universities including Yale University, University of California-Davis, and the Pontifical Catholic University Paraná in Brazil. Students who attend this program will develop a comprehensive knowledge of their specific course material to benefit their long-term academic, professional, and personal success. The courses available at the institute represent a multitude of disciplines and are all aimed—regardless of their specific subject matter—at helping students to expand their global mindset and cultural competency within the context of a newfound understanding of Italian culture and history.

This four-week program will be a great chance for you to work and collaborate with other students from all over the world and enjoy a world-class education with reasonable tuition costs. We will assist you with visas, housing and insurance to ensure you are safe and sound in Florence, Italy.  

If you are interested or would like more information, please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you to start this life-changing experience!

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Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Florence!