Frequently Asked Questions for the Florence Summer Institute | CAS International Programs and Education Abroad | Kent State University

Frequently Asked Questions for the Florence Summer Institute

Who books my flight?

The Office of Global Education handles booking the group flights. As long as you sign up by the priority application deadline, you will be put on the group flight with little to no worries about booking.

Is it more beneficial for me to choose the group flight or to fly separately?

Depending on your personal preference, experience and confidence in traveling alone, the group flight is your decision. For students who have never flown or travelled abroad, the group flight might be a better option. However, if you feel comfortable flying alone you can fly independently.

Where will I be living? How close is it to campus?

Students will be living in apartments with up to 6 people to an apartment, or less. The apartments are scattered across the city of Florence, all within walking distance of the campus. The city is very pedestrian friendly so, generally, your biggest concern will be crossing piazzas of tourists, not busy streets.

Is summer financial aid different from spring/fall semester financial aid?

Somewhat. There is a form that needs to be completed with your financial aid titled “Summer Aid Request Form.” It is available on the Student Financial Aid site for KSU.

How much should I expect to pay in “personal expenses”?

Depending on how you budget your meals, souvenirs, and personal travel the possibilities are endless. For instance, limiting dining out throughout the week can give you some extra bucks to spend on souvenirs or vice versa.

How do I purchase the textbooks for my classes abroad?

First, check with your professor to see if books are even essential. If you do need a textbook, the best option is to purchase an online version or wait until you get to Florence to see if any of the bookshops around the city have them or if you can find them in the school library. Professors understand that you do not have the room in your suitcase for a 10 lbs textbook.

How do I register for the classes I’ll be taking at FSI?

Registration for your classes will occur in the spring semester. Once you’ve begun your application for FSI, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your “top pick” classes.

Am I able to travel independently while abroad?

Classes end on Thursdays so you have Friday through Sunday to travel. There are plenty of airlines/trains that can take you all over Europe/Italy (RyanAir, TrenItalia, Vueling, EasyJet, etc.) and plenty of options concerning where you can stay (, AirBNB, etc.)

How do I go about my day to day life in Florence, Italy if I don’t speak Italian?

This is the beauty of studying abroad. Luckily, most people in Florence will speak at least some English. But one of the greatest parts of this experience is learning how to do your daily activities like grocery shopping, ordering coffee, and more with an added challenge. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride when you really embrace the challenges of study abroad.

Will there be access to computers, printers, library, etc. at FSI?

Yes! There are computers, printers and even a library on the FSI campus. There is also a gorgeous public library in Florence that students are welcome to utilize.