Ghana - Coming In 2023! Stay Tuned.


Department of Africana Studies

Dates: TBD


The Ghana Study Abroad Program will present students and community stakeholders with a unique chance to explore 21st century life—at both the village and city levels—in the West African nation of Ghana. This interdisciplinary course is an academic/cultural opportunity designed to explore the contemporary “way of life” of a modern West African society. This is a 10 to 14-day experiential sojourn that will introduce participants to the “real Africa.” Students from varying disciplines and community-based professionals will have the opportunity to think critically about both the commonalities and the differences between their lives in the United States in comparison to what they will see and experience in Ghana.

The course is also designed to come to grips with the critical questions of how the Afrocentric perspective of the Black Experience should be utilized as: (1) a major academic discipline; (2) a method of recovering and interpreting the traditional African world view and the extent to which it does and should continue to define people of African descent; and (3) a tool for evaluating the essential features of the progress of Black people in Africa and throughout the Pan-African world.


  • TBD

including flights, lodging, park fees, and most meals. Tuition is not included.


Mwatabu S. Okantah, M.A. 

Associate Professor and Interim Chair Department of Africana Studies

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