Peer Advisors: Education Abroad Executive Leadership Council

The Education Abroad Executive Leadership Council is a student-run team of experienced and dedicated students who are responsible for leading the College of Arts and Sciences IPEA office’s efforts to make Kent State University an inclusive, dynamic and globally competitive university. These student interns act as cultural liaisons between university faculty, staff and administrators as it regards the needs of international and domestic KSU students, organize events to promote international education, advise other students on education abroad opportunities, and act as model global citizens within the university community and beyond.

The positions available as a part of the Education Abroad Executive Leadership Council are as demanding as they are prestigious. Student interns are required to meet a high standard of cultural competency and interpersonal awareness; a commitment to academic, personal and professional success through the development of special programs and projects; and must be prepared to integrate their education abroad or study away experience into their professional role within the office with the aim of inspiring others to broaden their understanding and appreciation of the larger world around them. Students will work directly under the supervision of the Assistant Dean of International Programs and Education Abroad in the College of Arts and Sciences. Interns can be considered for (and serve) their positions both in the United States AND while they are abroad either for credit or as unpaid internships.


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