The following is the suggested courses for participants in the Destination Florence: Political Science program to take while in Florence.

Florence Spring Semester

You are required to take two of the following course during their semester in Florence.:

  • POL 30520 - European Politics (3)
  • POL 30002 - Political Thought (3)
  • POL 30820 - International Organizations and Law (3)

Recommended additional courses to choose from:

  • The third POL class 
  • ITAL: Elementary Italian I and Elementary Italian II (hybrid/combined courses offered in two, 7-week modules for a total of 8 credits)
  • ITAL 15201 Elementary Italian I (3)
  • An Elective Course (3):
    • HIST 38395: Murder, Mystery and Mayhem: The Medici Dynasty in Florence
    • CLAS 21405: The Roman Achievement