Political Science

Kent State’s Department of Political Science “Destination Florence” Program offers a unique opportunity for students of Political Science and International Relations pathway to participation in the Florence, Italy program during the Fall semester of their 2nd year as a student at Kent State. Now more than ever, students of political science and international relations are encouraged to study abroad in support of their academic and professional goals!

Applying to this exclusive and prestigious program makes it possible for students to take a series of sequenced courses during their first year at Kent State, that will allow them to participate in the Florence semester program in the Fall semester of their second year. The courses that students will take in each semester, prior to time in Florence, will keep them on track in their major.  Students will enroll in these courses after meeting with their academic advisor. 

Successful applicants to the POL "Destination Florence" Program will receive scholarship money each semester if they maintain enrollment in this program. The total earned scholarship amount will be up to $1,500. This total amount will be awarded in a lump sum after enrolling in courses for Florence in the Fall semester Florence courses. 

Application Deadline: TBD
Notification of Acceptance: TBD
Mandatory Program Orientation: TBD

Contact Information

Kristin Stasiowski, Ph.D. | kstasiow@kent.edu 
Assistant Dean, Office of International Programs and Education Abroad 
Dr. Anthony Molina | amonlia4@kent.edu 
Chair, Department of Political Science