The following is the suggested courses for participants in the Destination Florence: Psychological Sciences program to take while in Florence.

Florence Spring

You are required to take two of the following course for the “Destination Florence: Psychological Sciences Program”:  

  • PSYC 31532: Social Psychology (3)
  • PSYC 30651: Adolescent Psychology (3) 
  • PSYC 30111: Forensic Psychology (3)

Recommended other courses while you are in Florence:

  • The third PSYC course
  • ITAL 15201/15202: Elementary Italian I and Elementary Italian II (hybrid/combined courses offered in two, 7-week modules for a total of 8 credits) 
  • ITAL 15201 Elementary Italian I (4) 
  • CLAS 21405: The Roman Achievement (3)

Note: Abnormal Psychology was previously offered, however removed from Florence course offerings effective Spring 2019.