Elementary/Intermediate and Advanced Language in Salamanca

Elementary/Intermediate CRN: 11195 

Advanced CRN: 13786

Salamanca is a city rich in history, famous for its 800 year old university and the famous people who have studied there. This intensive Spanish language program takes students to la ciudad del español, Salamanca, Spain. Students enroll in a Spanish language class based on their level of proficiency. Beginner to intermediate-advanced levels are offered. Students will take classes in the morning and then participate in cultural activities in the afternoon, such as museum visits, cooking lessons, and flamenco lessons. Weekend excursions to Andalusia and Madrid/Toledo may also be included.

Tentative Program dates: June 5-July 4, 2020 (Summer 1)

Credit: 6

Professors: Professor Kim Talentino & Dr. Patrick Gallagher

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1Program fee includes: 3 transfer tuition credits, Accommodation, In-Country Transportation, Museum Entrance and Activity Fees, and some meals
2 This total does not include 3 tuition credits. Information for summer tuition rates can be found on the Tuition Rates Page.
*Estimated Personal Cost (Not Included): Passport ($135), and spending money (~$250)
**Final program fee subject to change; Updated June 10, 2019.


Application will open August 1, 2019.

Application deadline: February 1, 2020  March 1, 2020
Accepted by: February 5, 2020

First payment: $1,500.00 | March 20th
Second payment due: $1,500.00 | April 17th
Third payment due:  $2,000.00 | May 1, 2020

Fourth payment (paid to Bursar for tuition): $1,300-$1,500* | Due middle of May to first week of June

Advanced Application

Elementary/Intermediate Application


*Prices will vary by tuition rate
**This program is offered during May Intersession. For students seeking to use summer financial aid, please be aware that the funds will not be dispersed until approximately 10 days prior to the start of Summer I, and will not be available at your payment deadlines. Summer financial aid may have additional requirements, please see Financial Aid's website for more details. If you receive financial aid for the fall and spring semester, contact Jessica Russell, Financial Aid Counselor for Education Abroad at jrusse33@kent.edu, to discuss your additional options

Health and Wellness

Please check the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website for health information regarding Spain. 

Contact Information

Kim Talentino | ktalenti@kent.edu 

Program Coordinator/Spanish Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Elementary/Intermediate Track

Dr. Patrick Gallagher | pgallag1@kent.edu

Program Coordinator/Spanish Professor, Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Advanced Track

Dr. Kristin Stasiowski | kstasiow@kent.edu 
Assistant Dean, International Programs and Education Abroad