Diversity Resources

CCI Diversity Statement

Kent State University defines diversity as “the presence of difference.” The College of Communication and Information (CCI) affirms that diversity enriches the teaching, study, research and criticism of the principles and practices of communication and information. Further, the faculty, staff and students maintain that communication and information can be understood fully and practiced effectively only when ideas from all people and perspectives are voiced and valued. CCI’s culture intentionally fosters an inclusive environment, and CCI commits itself to being an academic unit in which all individuals feel empowered to participate fully.

Below, you will find resources that will help you navigate campus life and beyond, whether you are a student, a faculty member or part of our staff.

Student Resources  

For our faculty, here are a variety of resources to help you effectively address diversity and foster and inclusive environment.

Faculty Resources  

For our staff, here are a variety of resources to help you be a vital part of creating an inclusive environment.

Staff Resources