Financial Support

Qualified graduate students can receive financial support through teaching and research assistantships and University fellowships.  Stipends for 2019-20 range from $21,000 (M.S.) to $23,000 (Ph.D.) for a twelve-month appointment.

Doctoral students who receive support in the form of a teaching assistantship typically continue this support for a period of 4 1/2 years (2 1/2 years for M.S. candidates who receive teaching assistantships).  This is contingent upon the student's satisfactory performance in both their academic program and assigned responsibilities, as well as the continued availability of funds and departmental needs.

First-year bonuses and renewable merit fellowships providing an additional $2,500 per year are available to outstanding doctoral applicants.  In addition, first-year bonuses of $1,250 are available for highly-talented students pursuing their Ph.D. in physical chemistry.  Advanced Ph.D. students are typically funded through research assistantships ($23,000 or higher) provided by their respective advisors.

Graduate tuition and fees are covered by a tuition scholarship for students with financial support.  A credit is also made toward the University's student health insurance plan.