Education at Kent State University goes beyond textbooks, lectures, and the walls of a classroom. Community Engaged Learning promotes a culture of active and engaged learners by integrating opportunities for students to apply theories and knowledge through real world experiences.

Community Engaged Learning cultivates civic involvement and community building across Kent State, the surrounding community and the globe. Through one-time and on-going volunteer opportunities and course-based experiences, Community Engaged Learning fosters a deeper understanding of course content and civic commitment in students.

Choose from a variety of opportunities to volunteer and learn about social justice issues. Students who participate gain a global perspective while exploring issues such as poverty, homelessness, gentrification, and sustainability.

The ELR requires all KSU students to have at least one form of experiential learning during their academic tenure at KSU.  Experiential learning involves hands-on engagement, the application of knowledge and theories, and an integral reflection component.

Students are offered the opportunity to gain real-world experience through off-campus Federal Work Study jobs. Students take advantage of their Federal Work Study award in their financial aid package, earn a paycheck, and develop professional skills.