Descriptions & Nominations

Outstanding Community Initiative

Purpose: This award recognizes innovative service and community engagement projects or initiatives developed by Kent State faculty, staff, and/or students. Projects should demonstrate engagement and social issue awareness and meet an expressed need in the community. Examples of applicable types of projects include but are not limited to community-based research/capstone projects, projects developed as part of a practicum or community-based internship, independently developed projects that meet a community need, etc.

Eligibility: Nominated projects must have been wholly developed between May 2020-present or have a new component that was implemented between May 2020-present.

Selection Criteria: Projects nominated for this award should have demonstrated excellence in all or most of the following areas:

  • Exhibited depth of understanding of the community needs or social issues addressed by the project;
  • Made a distinct impact on the community/community issue/population being served;
  • Demonstrated growth over time and sustainable opportunities for others in the community to get involved.

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Faculty Service-Learning Award

Purpose: This award recognizes faculty members who are exemplars at creating high-impact community engagement experiences, such as experiential learning and service-oriented courses, community-based research opportunities, and other similar academic offerings.

Eligibility: Kent State faculty, either adjunct or full-time, in any academic discipline who have taught two or more community-based service-learning or research courses in the last 3 academic years.

Selection Criteria:

Faculty members nominated for this award should have demonstrated excellence in community-based learning methods and demonstrated best practices in:

  • Enhancing student academic and civic learning through community engagement;
  • Developing reciprocal and mutually beneficial community partnerships; and
  • Supporting students critical reflective activities that are supported by learning theory (i.e. Kolb’s Learning Model, Gibbs Reflective Cycle, etc.)

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Student Volunteer of the Year (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Purpose: This award recognizes both undergraduate and graduate students whose involvement in service has had a significant impact on the community. Nominees have demonstrated involvement in more than one area of engagement and/or service (i.e. service-learning coursework, credit bearing community-based internship(s), community-based research/capstone project(s), participation in international or domestic service immersion experiences, service-oriented student organizations, etc.).    

Awards will be given in two categories:

  • Undergraduate Student- must be enrolled in a degree-granting bachelor’s degree program (i.e. BA, BS, BBA, BFA, etc.)
  • Graduate Student- must be enrolled in a degree-granting post-baccalaureate program (i.e. Master’s, Ph.D., etc.)


Open to undergraduate and graduate students who participated in community-based experiences from Summer 2020 - Spring 2021.

Selection Criteria:

Students nominated for this award should have demonstrated excellence in all or most of the following areas:

  • Exhibits depth of understanding of the community needs or social issues addressed by their involvement in service;
  • Demonstrates civic and personal growth as a result of their community-based experiences;
  • Consistently strives to have a positive impact on the community/population associated with their involvements;
  • Embodies the values of active citizenship.  Active Citizenship definition: “Active citizens are individuals who prioritize the community in their values and life choices. They don’t have to take action on every social issue, but rather, see the world through that lens. They take action on issues that matter to them and their communities.”
  • Exhibits a commitment to service and servant leadership principles. Servant Leadership definition: "Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enrich the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world."

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