Engaged Experiential Education Instructional Mini-Grant


Application deadline [Extended!]: January 7, 2014

Proposal Award Announcement: January 10, 2014

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The OEECE Instructional Mini-Grant provides funding support for activities associated with course-based experiential learning activities.

Who Should Apply?

The Engaged Experiential Education Instructional Mini-Grant will award TT/NTT faculty members from any discipline to support the following: 1) a new course-based experiential learning project or the enhancement of an existing one, 2) a new community-based research project or the evaluation of an existing initiative, 3) faculty teaching newly designated Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) courses, core courses, and those focused on research, scholarly, and creative activities are especially encouraged to apply.

Funding categories and size of awards:

Six (6) awards will be made to faculty whose courses fit within the following categories of engaged experiential learning:

Engaged Learning 

One $400 Grant

Engaged Service-Learning 

Two $500 Grants

Engaged Service-Learning 

Two $500 Grants

Will be awarded to a faculty member teaching a lower division course that promotes student learning through engagement with organizations that broaden students’ view of the community, social issues, and offer service opportunities. Will be awarded to faculty teaching a mid-level course that integrates course objectives with civic engagement activities that allow students to develop and apply knowledge and skill in real world settings. The engaged learning activity must be of mutual benefit to the community and target areas of need (as defined in conjunction with the community organization). Will be awarded to faculty teaching upper-division courses using a combination of service learning and research methods to promote a critical analysis and assessment of civic issues. The proposal should clearly indicate how the faculty member will conduct community-based research through the facilitation of a service-learning course.


Selection Criteria:

Funding is available to develop a new experiential-learning course project or initiative, to improve an existing course project or initiative, and/or to implement community-based research/scholarship projects.  Applicants for the Engaged Experiential Education Instructional Mini-Grant will be evaluated based upon three primary criteria:

  1. Project design and student learning objectives: Quality of the course plan in describing the course and project objectives, intended outcomes for students and community partners, reflection and assessment approaches (including the OEECE pre/post course surveys).
  2. Community Collaboration: Quality of collaborative relationship with a potential community partners that allow for a mutually rewarding partnership (i.e. a program design that supports shared leadership, decision-making, resources, a commitment to a continuous partnership). Provide clarity in describing how the project activities link course objectives with community needs.
  3. Integration of Community-Based Research /scholarship/Service-Learning: The project demonstrates how principles related to community-based research (e.g. involvement by community; end result of research has demonstrable benefit to the community), disciplinary scholarship, and service-learning will be integrated into the curriculum and assessed.

Submission Requirements:

  • All Kent State University tenure track and non-tenure track faculty are eligible for this grant award. 
  • Project Title for the “Engaged Experiential Education Instructional Mini-Grant” 
  • A Curriculum Vitae or résumé (no more than 10 pages).
  • A syllabus (a tentative syllabus is acceptable) for the proposed course of interest.
  • A letter of support from the department chair or school director and community partner (s).


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Due Date for Proposals:

Completed proposals will be accepted November 15, 2013 through December 1, 2013.

Please email your full grant proposal, questions, or comments to:
Tina L. Kandakai, Ph.D., Director
Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement
experiential@kent.edu or tkandaka@kent.edu
Phone: 330-672-7876 or 330-672-8723