Outstanding Established Service Initiative (Individual or Group)

Purpose: This award recognizes innovative projects developed by students or faculty/staff that have significantly impacted the community. Outstanding projects have demonstrated growth over time and have created opportunities for other members of the KSU community to become involved in the project (i.e. has created volunteer opportunities for KSU students, etc). Examples of applicable types of projects include community-based research/capstone projects, projects developed as part of a service-learning course or community-based internship, independently developed projects that meet a community need, etc.

Awards will be given in two categories:

  • Individuals - project was developed by as Kent State student, faculty, and/or staff member
  • Group - project was developed by a student group, organization, class, department, etc.


Projects must have been developed prior to May 2017

Selection Criteria:

Projects nominated for this award should have demonstrated excellence in all or most of the following areas:

  • Exhibited depth of understanding of the community needs or social issues addressed by the project;
  • Made a distinct impact on the community/community issue/population being served;
  • Demonstrated growth over time and sustainable opportunities for others in the community to get involved.

Selection will be based primarily on the responses submitted by the nominator.
To nominate a project for this award, please submit this form by March 22 
at 5 p.m.
Nominees will be notified of selection by April 8.

Nominate An Established Service Initiative