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Plus-1 Credit Course

Experiential Learning is a challenging, active, student-centered process that impels students toward opportunities for taking initiative, responsibility, and decision making.

Talk With the Professor of a Course You Are Already Taking

Talk with the professor about your interests to gain support for the activity

Find an Advisor



Secure an Engagement Site

Visit the Community Engagement Directory to connect with the community.

Find A Community Partner



Submit a Plus-1 Credit Application

Complete and submit an application by week four of the semester

Applications are available in paper form and electronically

Complete your online application now


Register For the Plus-1 Credit Course

To complete the registration process, Community Engaged Learning will provide course registration numbers (CRN)to applicants



Complete and Submit Final Assignment

Consult with the supervising faculty member to discuss a preferred format for the final reflection

The guide below may help complete the final assignment

Reflective Guide