Incident Reporting

Prevention of injuries and illnesses to Kent State University personnel, students, and visitors are the primary concerns of the Environmental Health and Safety office. The identification, evaluation and elimination of hazards provide the best methods of reducing incidents that may cause injuries and/or illnesses.

In the event that a minor injury or illness occurs as a result of performing normal job responsibilities, an Employee Report of Injury or Occupational Illness form must be completed by the injured employee. The employee's immediate supervisor must complete the accompanying "Statement of Supervisor" report prior to sending both reports to the Environmental Health and Safety office. These reports need to be submitted to the Environmental Health and Safety office within 48 hours after the injury. Upon receipt of these incident reports, a follow-up investigation will be initiated by a safety officer from Environmental Health and Safety.

In the event of a serious workplace injury, please notify the Environmental Health and Safety office as soon as possible, but no later than 8 hours after injury.  Kent State University is required to report all serious injuries that result in an in-patient hospitalization to the Public Employment Risk Reduction (PERRP) office within 8 hours of occurrence.

If a safety concern or hazard is encountered, notify your immediate supervisor. If the hazard is not resolved, please contact the office of Environmental Health and Safety and speak to Dennis Baden at (330) 672-1950, E-mail:

Injury and Safety Hazard Reports