In recent years there has been an increased scrutiny into the ability of an organization to manage, audit and assess risk. At a public institution of higher learning, risk can take many forms including financial, operational and regulatory. All of these can have an impact on the university’s financial stability and its reputation.

In 2013 several existing departments in the Finance and Administration Division were realigned to form the Compliance and Risk Management unit. The goal of this new unit is to establish a best practices approach to risk assessment and compliance, which includes federal regulatory requirements.

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Our Departments


Serving the Community Since 1917, the Kent State University Airport is conveniently located four miles from the Kent State University Campus and provides quick and easy access to the communities, attractions, and business of Portage and Summit counties. Whether your destination is the nearby Blossom Music Center, the historic Stan Hywet Halls and Gardens, or you are traveling to one of our many local businesses, the Kent State University Airport has a team of aviation professionals to meet your personal or professional needs.


The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is part of Compliance and Risk Management and is located in Suite 310 Harbourt Hall. It is the responsibility of the office to provide health, safety, and environmental compliance services to the University through technical support, consultation, investigation, audits of facilities, and training to ensure an understanding of proper health, safety, and environmental compliance practices.


The Fire Prevention Office strives to be the strongest link between all departments within Kent State University by promoting fire safety. Through a coordinated effort with the City of Kent Fire Department, the Fire Prevention office enforces all required codes and standards to ensure the safety of individuals associated with the University community.

Real Estate

The mission of the Real Estate Department is to administer, direct, and manage University real estate in compliance with State of Ohio laws and regulations so as to ensure that the land and facilities necessary for the University to fulfill its mission are in place. The Department will ensure that the strategic goals and mission of the University are supported by the management of all real estate transactions in alignment with the Campus Master Plan and by maintaining accurate and complete records that are properly filed with the appropriate governmental offices. Additionally, the department is committed to building and maintaining a cooperative relationship with the state of Ohio Department of Administrative Services regarding all real estate held as an institution of the State of Ohio


Laboratory, Radiation, and Biological Safety (LRBS) is an activity of Kent State University's Environmental Health and Safety Department. It was formed in 1995, to assist university research units in identifying and managing biological, chemical, and radiological hazards in order to reduce the risk of harm to University employees, students, property and the environment.


The Enterprise Risk Management Department supports the strategic goals of Kent State University by identifying, assessing, managing, and prioritizing risk exposure and opportunities across the institution. Risk is defined as any issue that impacts the institution's ability to meet its objectives and includes events or conditions that are strategic, financial, operational, compliance, or reputational in nature. The Department will support the mission of the University by integrating risk considerations in decision making to maximize opportunities and minimize setbacks.