Training is mandatory for all Kent State University personnel, volunteers, and program administrators working with university-sponsored programs or activities involving minors. The training must be completed prior to the beginning of the program or activity and must be done on an annual basis.

The training should include, but is not limited to, the following topics: policy requirements, basic warning signs of abuse or neglect in minors, guidelines for protecting minors from abuse and neglect, inappropriate behavior with minors, and Ohio's reporting requirements.

The Office of Compliance and Risk Management offers a free, online training program to university personnel and students through United Educators EduRisk Learning Portal. To obtain access to the EduRisk Learning Portal courses, program administrators should send an email to and include the program registration form.  Upon completion of the online course, learners can print a certificate of completion to provide to the program administrator.

Another training resource is Townhall II, 155 North Water Street, Kent, Ohio, 330-678-3006.

If your department already has a training program in place, please make sure that it addresses the topics mentioned above. If you are not sure, please contact the Office of Compliance and Risk Management at 330-672-1944.