Center for Ecology and Natural Resource Sustainability (CENRS)


Address: Cunningham Hall, 218 | 1275 Lefton Esplanade | Kent, OH 44242 
Phone: 330-672-3640
Node Contact: Lauren Kinsman-Costello, Assistant Professor | | 330-672-3640 


By appointment


The mission of CENRS is to facilitate and support the stewardship of Kent State campus lands and ecosystems for environmental research, education, and engagement. CENRS partners with conservation groups, state agencies, and other institutions to achieve this mission. Since its inception, CENRS has conducted site visits and natural history inventory surveys of KSU-owned natural lands and has facilitated their use for university classes and researchers. Currently, CENRS is expanding engagement activities on Kent State natural lands and ecosystems through data curation and publication, and hosting events. We welcome inquiries about KSU lands and ecosystems for education, research, and engagement of all types! 

Equipment, Features and Services

  • Herrick Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility 
  • Jennings Woods Forested Habitat 
  • Weather Station 
  • Water Chemistry Data Sonde 
  • Water Level Loggers