Design Innovation Courses

Design Innovation courses are the entry point to collaborative, design-infused problem-solving. Our goal is to grow our cross-disciplinary course offerings to include project-based learning that relies on multiple perspectives and studios that will engage stakeholders and industry (and may include travel components).

  • Design Thinking to Design Innovation Courses: Opens ways to imagine and create and think critically.
  • Design Innovation studio(s) + Electives: The history and techniques of Design Innovation.
  • Grand Challenge Project Studios: Interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty take on complex challenges both small and large.

Spring 2023 Course Offerings

  • Two students working on a project

    Intro to DI

    This project-based cross-disciplinary course blends analytical skills, intuition and creative thinking to develop practical solutions to real world problems; you will gain a high-level understanding of the design process through team-based projects tackling challenges.

  • Students presenting in the Blank Lab

    Children's Lit in Augmented Reality

    In this course, student teams will learn how to develop AR experiences connected to children's storytelling with a focus on social justice and inclusivity.

  • Healthcare worker assisting resident

    Intergenerational Long-term Care Mobility Project

    In collaboration with the Long-term Care Administration program, this semester-long project connects students to work with elders and eldercare facilities to rethink strategies around the question: "How can we improve the lives of residents and staff in long-term care by addressing mobility concerns?"

  • Photo of Warren, OH

    Warren, OH Revitalizing Communities Project

    Student teams will create strategies on how we might propose some community-partnered challenges to support Warren, OH in addressing some big problems: "How might we help to stimulate and revitalize communities in the city in an inclusive, equitable and visionary manner?"