The DI HUB, which opened in Fall 2021, was a major renovation of the old Art Building originally designed by Australian architect, John Andrews in 1971.

The building operates as an open-access collaborative maker and innovation accelerator environment at the center of the Kent Campus meant to activate a community of inquisitive people and facilitate cross-disciplinary communication and problem-solving.

The DI HUB boasts a combination of core/typically-needed tools (laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router, wide format printers, etc.) as well as specialized larger and/or specific pieces of equipment that are not already present in other academic areas across the university (in one of the DI NODES). The goal is to leverage and elevate the entire Design Innovation Ecosystem across all campuses at Kent State (DI HUB and DI NODES) to best expose our students and community members to expanded resources and possibilities.

Inside the DI HUB, we have conceptualized a cluster of spaces that we believe help to uniquely foster collaborative design innovation challenges.

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