The DI HUB – formerly the 1971 Art Building originally designed by Australian architect John Andrews – serves as the focal point for design innovation activities on Kent State university's Kent campus.

The DI HUB boasts a series of collaborative workspaces, maker environments, classrooms, and event venues that enable the building to operate as an open-access collaborative maker and innovation accelerator.

As a key component of the Kent State University Design Innovation Ecosystem, the DI HUB’s ultimate goal is to activate a community of inquisitive collaborators and to facilitate cross-disciplinary communication and problem-solving. Learn more about the unique spaces and resources in the DI HUB by exploring the links below.

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  • Classrooms & Research

    Classrooms & Research

    The DI HUB houses a number of spaces dedicated to research and academic activities including the DI Theatre/Auditorium, DI Studio Classroom, Innovation Teaching Kitchen, Shared Faculty Studio, Fellows Suite and DI Gallery.

  • REACTOR Shops & Labs

    REACTOR Shops & Labs

    The Design Innovation Labs (DI LABS) are facilities located inside the DI HUB that support some of the conceptual modes of innovation and engagement for the larger initiative. The largest of these is the DI REACTOR, which hosts a number of single-purpose "shops" in its interior to directly support collaborative prototyping/making activities.

    The Blank_Lab, MuseLab, SparkLab and I3 Lab all function through significant partnerships between Design Innovation and other units in the university. For instance, the MuseLab partners DI with the School of Information, in the College of Communication and Information, who founded the original MuseLab concept in the University Library.

    The PrintLab, DI Gallery and Designer in Residence/Shared Faculty Studio (DIRSFS) are concepts that have been initiated directly out of the Design Innovation Initiative and are facilitated through the leadership of the DI TEAM.

    Each of these environments exists to encourage new projects and cross-disciplinary collaborations.

    Do you have a project idea? Interested in getting involved and/or utilizing the tools of the DI LABS? Please reach out to the DI TEAM at DIHUB@kent.edu.

  • Burton D. Morgan Foundation Entrepreneurship Suite

    Burton D. Morgan Foundation Entrepreneurship Suite

    This suite in the DI HUB constitutes an entrepreneurship zone that covers the LaunchNET office; each of the i3 Lab spaces; and the inspirationally situated Seminar Room at the end of the hall overlooking the Shared Faculty Studio and out onto the May 4 Commons.

  • Design Innovation Dining

    Design Innovation Dining


    Learn more about the DI HUB.

    Door Rate for DI Dining: All-You-Care-To-Eat Dining Hall:

    Breakfast: $9.00
    Lunch: $11.25
    Dinner: $13.25

    This location is cashless. 


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