• DI_30100: Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) – The "Immobileyes" Project
  • This course will be offered in Spring 2021
  • 3 Credit Lecture/Lab
  • This class will meet 2.5hrs/twice weekly in the NEW DESIGN INNOVATION HUB

"Immobileyes" Project CBI Course Description: This Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) course section utilizes a holistic multidisciplinary approach to address the product development needs for the Medusa Security System for Immobileyes, Inc.

Project Overview: The Medusa Security System is a defense system that is being developed to better protect students during active shooter scenarios. The goal of the system is to disrupt the shooter’s targeting ability while simultaneously allowing the students to exit the building during the crucial few minutes before law enforcement arrives.

Medusa has two components:

  1. laser devices - each device uses two or more lasers of different wavelengths to create a spatial array of laser beams to illuminate an area with a pattern of “spots” each designed to cause temporary targeting impairment; and
  2. a control and communication module that uses software/ IoT / Bluetooth /WiFi in any combination to enable communication between the laser devices, a central command computer, the cloud and local law enforcement.
Immobileyes Laser Grid

The “Immobileyes” Team from Alpha Micron Inc. are partnering with the Design Innovation Initiative to create this semester-long project for student cross-disciplinary teams to develop innovative solutions to the following question:

How can we … create a safe and effective active-shooter deterrent system utilizing laser grid technologies that can be incorporated into school environments to amplify and enhance existing practices?

Student teams will address four key areas:

  • Understanding the users and user experience needs (context, background, training) and competitive product landscape
  • Understanding / Developing design principles for the system as a whole
  • Developing the design principles for housing the laser devices
  • Understanding / Developing control and communication module

Since the technical aspects of the laser grid array have been developed and tested, the goal of the next phase is to take a holistic approach when considering the

  1. Physical design/look of the system, including strategies for different architectural environments and how to arrange the system
  2. Interface design and user-experience,
  3. IoT / software / user interface coding & communications strategies
  4. Social and psychological implications of both implementation and use
  5. Implementation planning, including architectural; considerations
  6. Training, marketing and communication strategies around this technology

Learning Outcomes: At the culmination of this project, each student will have the opportunity to incorporate team building/management strategies to develop novel solutions as well as the opportunity to utilize human-centered design approaches (empathy). In addition, students will have experience using collaborative ideation techniques.

Project Outcomes: At the end of the course, each project team will be able to demonstrate, via an in- person presentation or video promotional format, a clear understanding of their proposed solutions/innovations associated with this project. Each presentation or video will be supplemented with a written report that describes their project in detail. In addition, each project team should be able to demonstrate that they created novel solutions to the Medusa system that addresses the user experience, that implements communication technologies and strategies, that incorporates human behavioral awareness and that demonstrates a compelling design and implementation strategy. At the end of the course, the “Immobileyes” team will review the presentations and reports before presenting an award to the team with the winning concept.

Student Teams will work directly with guiding faculty and members of the “Immobileyes” Team:

  • Laser physicists with 25+ years of experience in laser defense - protecting pilot’s eyes against laser pointers- both in the military and commercial space.
  • 22 years R&D experience through AlphaMicron, working with DoD, Air Force, etc. and others
Atossa Alavi

Atossa Alavi
Founder / CEO IP attorney AlphaMicron GC

Bahman Taheri

Bahman Taheri
Founder / CEO Laser Physicist AlphaMicron CEO

Antonio Munoz

Antonio Munoz
Founder / CSO Laser Physicist Head Laser Lab