SkyHack 3.0 Receives Sponsorship from The Red Door Films

Los Angeles-based production company, The Red Door Films, and Kent State University announce a student design challenge competition.

Students to create a toy universe around WWII Female Aviators as part of the “SkyHack” hackathon event.

SkyHack Red Door Films Promo

KENT, OH, September 24, 2021— Kent State University and The Red Door Films of Los Angeles announce “Play with a Purpose”, a sponsor challenge as part of the “SkyHack 3.0” competition at Kent State University, November 5 - 7th, 2021.  Teams of students will create an interactive toy ‘universe’ based on the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII and their training base, Avenger Field. “Play with a Purpose” will be one of five competition streams at this year’s SkyHack. Hosted by Kent State’s Design Innovation, LaunchNET and College of Aeronautics & Engineering, this design-challenge event invites students to compete in cross-disciplinary teams to address current problems facing the aviation industry. “Play with a Purpose” is aimed at inspiring future growth in diversity of pilots and addressing the shortage of pilots by encouraging women and underrepresented individuals to consider futures in aviation. 



Hosted at Kent State University November 5th-7th, and powered by Burton D. Morgan Foundation, this year’s event will feature Red Door Films founder Oscar-nominated Director Matia Karrell, who is directing and producing the first feature-length documentary about the Women Airforce Service Pilots, (WASP), with Oscar-nominated writer Sharon Wood and her award-winning team including Kent State’s Dr. Molly Merryman, associate professor in Kent State University’s School of Peace and Conflict Studies. Dr. Merryman is also the founding director of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality. 


“I made a promise to the women in my film and their families, that I would do whatever it takes to tell their story,” says creator and director Matia Karrell. “Creating a WASP action figure that little girls and boys play with goes hand in hand with the educational component of the film.


Over the course of the weekend, students establish interdisciplinary teams, develop ideas, produce prototypes, work with mentors and pitch ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win financial awards. The large-scale event will host 120+ student participants from universities, including Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited programs across the nation.


J.R. Campbell, Executive Director for Design Innovation, states “We are incredibly excited to have this unique challenge for students to tackle as part of SkyHack this year. The “Play with a Purpose” challenge helps address a truly important future for aviation that can take inspiration from the incredible women in WASP during WWII.”


Play with a Purpose is part of a larger initiative between The Red Door Films and Kent State University, called Pathways to Flight, an education, outreach and mentorship program to encourage women and underrepresented groups into the aerospace sector. SkyHack is the nation’s first collegiate hackathon focused on the challenges facing the aviation industry.

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