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discovering purpose

Discovering Purpose

At Kent State, we embrace you for who you are, then push you to become so much more. To keep an open mind and venture out of your comfort zone. To find your voice and the strength to use it with purpose. To become a better version of yourself and to create a future that you never imagined possible.

Below are a few ways to help you discover your purpose:

discovering purpose video contest

Discovering Purpose Video Series

Discovering YOUR Purpose is discovering your "why?" It will be a journey to uncover your passions and true gifts. This series lets you hear the stories of how members of the Kent State community discovered their purpose. 

What will your purpose be?


Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks provide opportunities for students to learn about and experience a specific social justice issue facing a community and serve with local community partners who are assisting in addressing that issue.


Career Exploration and Development

We're not just about what you'll do after graduation; we're about your journey to get there. Stop by Career Exploration and Development today to find on campus employment, connect your interests and skills to careers and majors, polish and update your resume, create a LinkedIn profile, practice interviewing and discover internships and co-ops.