Featured Spotlights

We deeply value the diverse experiences and paths that our alumni have embarked upon since their time at Kent State University, and each story has a unique place in our community. Over 60,000 alumni worldwide called EHHS their home, and their experiences, insights, and successes play a crucial role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Read more about our alumni, their path after graduation and the advice they have to offer students.

Tom Fulton

Career and Technical Education Graduate

On an average day, Tom Fulton, a Career and Technical Education graduate, spends nearly 12 hours working with talented students at the Chagrin Falls Performing Arts Academy.

"I'm exhausted, but it's great. These kids are serious about what they want to do," said Fulton. 

Using His Kent State Degree

As an administrator, Fulton uses his Kent State knowledge to motivate his classrooms, manage a grading system and follow state laws and guidelines. 

Uniquely, the Chagrin Falls Performing Arts Academy accepts students on the autism scale. Fulton learned about accessibility options in the classroom from EHHS courses, which help him make accommodations for these students. 


Fulton encourages students to have a lot of fun while in college. As a passionate administrator, Fulton credits his love for his work as his greatest asset. 

“Study what you love,” Fulton said. “If you go to work with something you care about deeply, it’s not work.”  

Caroline James 

Gerontology & Nursing Home Administration Graduate

Caroline James volunteers as the team captain for the Stark County Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimers. 

James earned her bachelor's degree in Gerontology/Nursing Home Administration and currently oversees social services for memory care residents at Chapel Hill Community. She helped create the program, Comfort Matters, which provides people living with dementia the resources to live as comfortably and happily as possible. 


When NBC Columbus aired a special about Alzheimer’s, United Church Homes was one of three sponsors for the special. They selected James to represent them. 


Throughout her time at Kent State, James made sure to show everyone that she is positive and professional at all times. 

“Never burn any bridges,” James said, “You never know when you’re going to work with someone again.”

Anthony Shreffler

Evaluation and Measurement Graduate

Anthony Shreffler received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Kent State. He worked in Cleveland briefly, but soon found himself back at Kent State, working in EHHS’ Research and Evaluation Bureau.

In this job, he conducts comprehensive evaluations for external projects and provides research consultation to faculty and students within EHHS. 

Returning to Kent

After his undergraduate degree, he returned to Kent for the Evaluation and Measurement degree, which is designed for teachers and administrators seeking applied measurement, research and evaluation skills.  

“I am very grateful to remain a part of the community now as a staff member,” Shreffler said, “I love the university environment; it has life to it, where things are always happening, moving and growing.”