Our Donors

Haywood Doe Consulting Company Endowed Scholarship

Three-time College of Education, Health and Human Services graduate Dr. Vicki Doe continues to give back in many ways.

Doe received the Distinguished Service to EHHS Award in 2016 because she regularly returns to the university to lend a helping hand.

“I was a recipient because of my continued service,” Doe said, “I donate time and funds.”

Despite being busy with her own business, Haywood Doe Consulting Co. LLC, she continues to donate time to EHHS through the Finding Your Niche program. Through this event, students are introduced to health professionals in hopes of discovering their purpose.

Before Finding Your Niche, Doe served as a diversity catalyst for EHHS’ Diversity Outreach and Development. She also spent time teaching a graduate-level dance class at Kent State. She taught traditional African dance and culture.

In addition, Doe is creating a scholarship for graduate students titled the Haywood Doe Consulting Company Endowed Scholarship. This fund is specifically for students with a 3.5 final cumulative GPA and acceptance into a graduate program.

Beginning this fall, Doe will also be accepting interns at her business. She is looking for exercise science students and any students who can help with health and wellness promotions, podcasts and event planning. There also is the potential for Kent State graduates to work for Doe in the future. Currently, graduate student Isaac Floyd works as a fitness and wellness coordinator.

Staying true to her passion, Doe explained that giving back is good for her health.

“Research has shown that when you volunteer, it has health and wellness benefits. It gives you a sense of purpose,” Doe said.


Kavulic Family Achievement Award 

Dr. Michael Kavulic, director of the Board of Technology and Operations and a Ph.D. graduate of the Higher Education & Student Personnelprogram at Kent State, worked with his wife, Carol, to create a new scholarship specifically for Career and Community Studies (CCS) students. 

This program is designed to prepare students with intellectual and developmental disabilities for a successful adult life. This unique program features inclusive classes, career discovery and peer socialization.

Michael and Carol realized that financial barriers could prevent some students from the opportunities in the program, and so they created the Kavulic Family Achievement Award to help decrease the barriers to those wanting to participate in the program. 

Michael has connected with leaders in the CSS program and is impressed by the passion and commitment of director Dr. Vonnie Hale and her entire staff. 

“For us, we saw an opportunity to connect with and support an effort that makes a unique and powerful impact on the lives and futures of talented and driven students,” he said. 

If you are interested in providing support to CCS students, please consider giving to the Career and Community Studies Support Fund (#10721)

"This fund can help students on their journey to fulfill a dream." -- Michael Kavulic