Career & Community Studies


Career and Community Studies (CCS) is a college-based, non-degree transitional program that prepares students with intellectual and developmental disabilities for adult life through academic pursuits, peer socialization, and career discovery and preparation. The program integrates inclusive classes, a typical college experience, and a transition curriculum to assist students in achieving adult roles and a quality of life in a community of their choice. The CCS program is for students who have completed high school requirements and be at least 18 years of age. 

The first year of the program is designed as a foundation with courses covering disability issues, personal development, health and wellness, and preparing for a rigorous college experience. Year two allows students to extend their knowledge and skills in participating in college-level courses and other campus environments. The last two years focus on career-field specialization with courses in independent living, life-long learning competencies, and career development and employment, as well as internships in the community where students apply their learning in jobs of choice.


Create meaningful experiences for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities by maximizing opportunities to prepare them to become self-determined and autonomous adults.




The Career & Community Studies Program (CCS) is excited to offer two new two-year programs for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities or autism. These programs are currently available as non-degree coursework, and require 60 credits to graduate.

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