2019 Higher Administration / Italy

Planning and Implementing Study Abroad: While Studying Abroad

Study Abroad for Graduate Students in Rome and Florence, Italy
Summer Intersession: May 16 - June 2, 2019


Students in Italy

Program Overview

  • Ideal for students in higher education administration, practicing study abroad professionals, and internationally-focused teachers
  • Learn the principles and practice of designing and delivering effective study abroad programs with an intercultural emphasis while studying abroad at Kent State University’s historic campus in Florence, Italy
  • Participants in this workshop will observe and interact with undergraduates attending the summer school program
  • Participants will study the principles of developing effective study abroad experiences; meet with university  program officials, faculty, facility support staff, as well as private third-party providers of study abroad, community and onsite support services such as legal advisors, health professionals and housing offices 
  • Ample time will be spent visiting sites of historical and cultural significance in Florence. A weekend trip to Rome will include meetings with American university programs operating in Italy

Tentative activities

  • Visit the Coliseum, Vatican, and Roman Forum
  • Students may plan a weekend of independent travel to a location of their choosing

Course Information

  • Course: Planning and Implementing Study Abroad: While Studying Abroad | HIED 7/66771
  • No. of Credits: 3 credits
  • Instructors: Dr. Mark Kretovics  (mkretov1@kent.edu)


Online Application

Deadline: March 1, 2019

Contact: Rose Onders at ronders@kent.edu (ph: 330-672-0564) or Visit the Center for International & Intercultural Education 215 White Hall