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2019 Higher Administration / Italy

Planning and Implementing Study Abroad: While Studying Abroad


Students in Italy
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Ideal for students in higher education administration, practicing study abroad professionals, and internationally-focused teachers

Learn the principles and practice of designing and delivering effective study abroad programs with an intercultural emphasis while studying abroad at Kent State University’s historic campus in Florence, Italy. Participants in this workshop will observe and interact with undergraduates attending the summer school program. In addition, you will study the principles of developing effective study abroad experiences; meet with university  program officials, faculty, facility support staff, as well as private third-party providers of study abroad, community and onsite support services such as legal advisors, health professionals and housing offices. Ample time will be spent visiting sites of historical and cultural significance in   Florence. A weekend trip to Rome will include meetings with  American university programs  operating in Italy. A day of independent program-related travel in Italy is also built into this program.

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Planning and Implementing Study Abroad: While Studying Abroad

Instructors: Dr. Mark Kretovics  (mkretov1@kent.edu)

HIED 7/66771 - 3 Credits
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For questions, contact Rose Onders at ronders@kent.edu (ph: 330-672-0564) or Visit the Center for International & Intercultural Education 215 White Hall